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مصطفى حلمي عن تفجير الاسكندرية : ينصر دينك يابطل

  • Wednesday, 5 January 2011
  • Fouad GM
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  • UPDATE: There has been much ambiguity as to who the real author of this poem is. Most sources I have come across online attribute it to Ahmad Fouad Negm although the style is significantly different to Negm's -- my assumption was that Negm produced this poem hastily in response to the NYE terrorist attack.

    However, it has come to my attention after consulting with commenters on this post and others online as well as after contacting Mostafa Helmy and accessing the original note on his Facebook page that the poem is indeed authored by 28-year-old Mostafa Helmy -- not Ahmad Fouad Negm.

    First of all, I would like to express my solidarity with Helmy against plagiarism -- part of a general trend of disrespect and disregard of intellectual property rights common amongst Egyptians in general and the Egyptian online community in specific. Secondly, I would like to apologise to Helmy (as well as Negm) for having taken part in propagating the poem as a work of Ahmad Fouad Negm for the past day or two.

    Finally, I would like to apologise to my readers for misinformation -- Most importantly however, I wish to thank those who commented on the post in public and in private for correcting my information.

    Please keep up reading, interacting and contributing to my blog and others' -- it's the only way so-called 'citizen journalists' can continue to express opinions guided by your opinions and knowledge.

    Thank you.


    ينصر دينك يابطل

    مصطفى حلمي عن تفجير كنيسة القديسين بالاسكندرية

    ينصر دينك يا بطل
    قتلت ناس عُزًّل كتير
    ستات، شيوخ وكمان عيال
    ازحت عنا خطر كبير
    دي ناس بتقول الله محبه
    والمحبه دي شئ خطير
    إقتل بطرس وإقتل مينا
    اللي إخواتهم ماتوا في سينا
    واللي ولادهم رقصوا فـي فرحك
    واللي فـ ميّتم بيعزّينا
    إقتل ماري وطنط تريزا
    دول ناس مافيهومشي ولا ميزه
    دايمًا كده يبتسموا في وشك
    ويقولوا اهلاً خطوه عزيزه
    وإقتل برضه عمّك حنا
    في اي خناقه بيحوش عنّا
    غاوي يصّلح بين الناس
    ولا يمكن يوّرد على جنّه
    وإقتل سامي ناجي نجيب
    اصل الإسم صراحه مريب
    يمكن يطلع واحد منهم
    او داقق على إيده صليب
    ولا اقولّك...إضرب شبرا
    والكيت كات وميدان الاوبرا
    فجّر واحده في كل مكان
    خلّي جيرانهم يصبحوا عبر
    لينا رب إسمه الكريم
    ها يجي يوم تعرض عليه
    تقف امامه و يسأل الشخص ده عملك إيه؟
    بأي ذنب تقتله
    وفين ومين وإزاي وليه؟
    إبقى قول لي يا بطل
    ها ترد يومها..
    وتقول إيه؟

    7 Responses to “مصطفى حلمي عن تفجير الاسكندرية : ينصر دينك يابطل”

    Anonymous said...
    5 January 2011 at 17:27

    هرد وقله يا إمام بيه
    مش أنا إلي المفروض أرد عليه
    إلي عملها ملهوش دين
    مش هاتيفرء معاه مرقص ولا حسين

    Anonymous said...
    6 January 2011 at 01:57

    يا جماعة الكلام ده مش تأليف عمنا نجم خالص.... نجم صياغته و صنعته و حرفيته في نكوين ووزن القصيدة احلي من كده بكتير... و المقدمة و النهاية بيبقوا اقوي ما في العمل مش لطع كده

    Anonymous said...
    6 January 2011 at 03:32

    This note was not written by Negm, it was written by Moustafa Helmy!!

    Fouad GM said...
    6 January 2011 at 04:05

    Thank you for your comments guys and girls. I agree, I did think it was a little different from the usual AFN style -- I just thought it was perhaps written hastily. But every source I came across online attributed this to AFN. I do not know Moustafa Helmy's style well enough to judge, but you may well be right.

    I appologise to my readers for unintentionally contributing to misinformation.

    Anonymous said...
    6 January 2011 at 17:52

    أحب ان اوضح للجميع ان من كتب هذه القصيده هو كاتب شاب يدعي "مصطفى حلمي" و من يرغب في التأكد يزور صفحته على الفيس بوك و يتأكد من تازيخ نشر القصيده و هو ساعات من الحدث!/mostafa.m.helmy

    KareemfromEgypt said...
    7 January 2011 at 00:59

    Fouad... this was indeed written by Mostafa Helmy

    He's my friend and he posted it on facebook on Saturday the 1st of Jan... he writes regularly and it has happened with him before... He keeps his profile open to everyone i think or at least his notes are public so feel free to check out his work... he also writes for احنا on the side.

    Here's a link to his notes on facebook
    He's been plagiarized before... this happens regularly in Egyptian circles... i remember the blogger Shokeir also suffered from that a couple of years ago with some of his posts being published and credited to random authors on a couple of newspapers

    People try to lend authority to poems they like, so they claim it's Negm's work when it clearly isn't as anonymous pointed out :)

    Fouad GM said...
    7 January 2011 at 03:40

    Kareem and anonymous-es;

    Thank you for your clarifications. I have been in touch with Kareem and am now aware of the mistake and misinformation which I was both victim and part of.

    I apologise to my readers as well as to Kareem. I have just updated the post and have informed Kareem.

    Thank you for your comments and clarifications. I hope you continue to read my blog and look forward to more comments and interaction from you.

    You can also follow me and keep updated with activity on my blog on

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