Saturday, 3 July 2010


A SILENT PROTEST: “We are all Khaled Said…..” in London

  • Saturday, 3 July 2010
  • Fouad GM
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  • A SILENT PROTEST: “We are all Khaled Said…..”


    Who is Khaled Said?

    Khaled Said, a 28 year old Egyptian from Alexandria, was barbarically murdered in early June 2010 by two civilian clothed policemen as he sat in a cyber cafe.

    Khaled’s head was repeatedly smashed against a marble step while he was continuously beaten and kicked.

    Khaled’s body was taken by a police car only to be dumped fifteen minutes later at the scene of this crime. Official police reports claim that Khaled’s death and unrecognisable smashed face are the result of “swallowing a bag of drugs” and choking to death. Government forensic reports have corroborated this fabricated story despite the presence of numerous witnesses who have been vocal about the incident.

    Systematic Police Brutality in Egypt

    Torture and police brutality in Egypt is common. Many ordinary Egyptians have faced a similar fate at the hands of policemen. Many others will remain at risk.

    Images and footage on the internet reveal the extent of Egyptian police brutality.

    It is time to say NO TO TORTURE. It is time to support all those young Egyptians in their struggle to eradicate torture and police brutality in Egypt.


    Join us for a Silent Protest.

    Say no to Torture. Demand Accountability.

    Why a Silent Protests?

    Gatherings and demonstrations of more than 5 people in Egypt are forbidden in the Egyptian Law. The 30 year old state of Emergency allows for police to arrest and detain those they see a “threat to national security”. Young Egyptians creatively designed these silent protests to circumvent the restrictive laws in Egypt.

    In solidarity with the brave young activists across Egypt who will be protesting at the same time in the country, we will silently protest to amplify their voices and make them heard all over the world.

    The police may stop Egyptians from protesting, but we will rally to make sure their just call and demands heard.


    Place: Marble Arch Monument

    Date: 9 July 2010

    Time: 6.30 PM

    Dress: In Black/Dark colours as a mark of solidarity

    Let us end Torture and Police Brutality in Egypt: We are all Khaled Said….

    SAY NO TO TORTURE!/ElShaheeed!/pages/khaled-mohamed-said/125205124186046?ref=ts

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