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LONDON CALLING: protest torture and human rights violations in Egypt

  • Thursday, 1 July 2010
  • Fouad GM
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  • If you were told that the Egyptian Government respects human rights, then let us introduce you to Khaled Said. Khaled is a 28 years old Egyptian and his story began in early June, when he went to his usual cyber café in the Cleopatra area of Alexandria, where he used to live.

    According to eye witnesses, two civil clothed policemen entered the cyber café, arrested him and started beating him. They first hit his head on a marble bench in the café. They then dragged him to the building next door. Khaled was kicked all over his body, held from his neck and head and had his head smashed on the marble stairs at the entrance of the building. According to eye witnesses, they kept beating Khaled until he died.

    Khaled’s body was then taken away in a police car and 15 minutes later they returned, dumped his body at the scene of the attack and called the medics. Now an investigation is taking place. Police claim that Khaled swallowed a packet of drugs and choked. Images of Khaled’s dead body, witnesses, his family, and the history of Egyptian police brutality say the story we just told above.

    The images of Khaled’s smashed face, led to a growing anti-torture movement in Egypt. Young activists have been holding protests in Cairo and Alexandria. On 25 June, young activists across the country took to the street and stood in silence protesting against Khaled’s murder, torture, and police brutality. The next planned protest is Friday 9 July.
    This case shed the light on torture by the police and the institutional corruption in Egypt, whether it is the government forensic experts that released a non ethical report or the police who has been brutally torturing Egyptians for many decades.

    Torture and police brutality in Egypt is systematic. Khaled is not and won't be the only case. Many Egyptians have faced a similar fate at the hands of policemen in Egypt. Images and footage on the internet show how brutal the Egyptian police can be.It is time to say No to Torture. It is time to support all those young Egyptians in their struggle to eradicate torture and police brutality in Egypt.
    Let us unite together to put an end to torture in Egypt. Let us unite our voices to end Impunity and demand accountability. Let us amplify the voices of Egyptians and let it be heard all over the world.

    Support the movement against torture in Egypt. Join us for a silent protest on the 9 July at 6:30 PM at the Marble Arch monument. Say no to Torture! Demand Accountability!

    The protest:
    - The idea is to protest in silence.
    - Please wear dark clothes, preferably black.
    - Police has requested we do not block public passages.
    - The protest will start at 6:30 pm and end at 8 pm.
    - Spread the word to all your friends in London.

    Location: Marble Arch Monument
    Nearest Tube Station: Marble Arch (Central Line) and Bond Street (Jubilee & Central Lines)
    Date: Friday, 9 July 2010Time: 6:30 pm

    Also, please join the Facebook event for this protest for more information and to keep a rough count of participants.

    We will be updating you regularly.

    Together we can make change happen.

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