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A life in photos : updates from the photography scene in Lebanon

  • Monday, 22 November 2010
  • Fouad GM
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  • I came across these two pieces in today's Al-Akhbar, the leftist, daily Lebanese newspaper.

    The first piece is a captioned photo depicting a Palestinian lady visiting her son's grave along with her granddaughter. The grave stands in Al-Shohada (Martyrs') Cemetery, a section of the Sheikh Radwan Cemetery dedicated to Palestinian martyrs of the Sabra-Shatilla and Bourj El-Brajneh refugee camps in Beirut's southern suburbs.

    تمرّ السيدة الستينية مع حفيدتها بخفة بين مقابر الشهداء. تخفف من وقع وطئها على الأرض لئلا تزعج من تحتها.
    تقرأ أسماء الشهداء على شواهد الأضرحة في جبانة الشيخ رضوان، متجهة إلى قبر ابنها. الحفيدة التي سارت بجانب
    جدتها قد ترث عنها هذه العادة عندما تصبح في عمرها. وربما عندما تكون في عمر جدتها ستكون فلسطين قد
    حُررت، و ستبقى الأيام التي تعيشها الآن مجرد ذكريات. تصوير شعيب ابو جهل

    The second piece, by Bassam Qanttar, is a report on a photography contest on climate change. The competition and the exhibition is funded and run by the European Union Commission to Beirut and was motivated by EU Ambassador to Lebanon, Patrick Laurent, who believes the heat wave hitting the country in November is an indication to the impacts of climate change.

    The exhibition was held on the Mar Nicholas steps in Gemmayzé where "this nice, warm climate we enjoy today is neither normal nor natural" according to Patrick Laurent.

    Qassem Hamdoun, 18, awarded first prize in the contest by Rahhal (right)
    and Laurent (left/background) for his photo "The Increasing Ignorance of Man"

    I have previously uploaded some pictures from other photography-related events in Lebanon. The photos can be found on my FlickR Photostream or, in the set "Beyrouth: la vie d'une capitale arabe"

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