Thursday, 17 June 2010


Egyptians abroad: protest Khalid Sa'id's murder in Alexandria

  • Thursday, 17 June 2010
  • Fouad GM
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  • Like Egyptians in Egypt, members of the Egyptian diaspora are outraged at the murder of Khalid Sa'id - aren't we? Well, Egyptians in Egypt showed their outrage in Alexandria and in front of the Ministry of Interior in Cairo. What have we done so far?

    Well, in protest against the torture and murder of Khalid Sa'id, Egyptians in London are protesting in front of the Egyptian Embassy in London on Saturday. Join if you're in London or the UK

    Alternatively, send this letter to the nearest Egyptian Embassy or Consulate:

    My name is Khaled Said, I am 28 and I live in Alexandria. On the 6th of June I was sitting in an internet cafe close to my home in the neighbourhood of Cleopatra when two plain clothes policemen tried to search me among others. When I refused, I was dragged out and beaten to death on a busy Alexandria street in plain sight of passers-by. They kept beating me. I tried to defend myself and yelled for help but in vain, so they slammed my head against the wall. When I fell to the ground, they kicked me in the stomach and face until I started bleeding from the mouth. Some tried to tell them I was dead but they insisted I was just pretending, so they continued slashing me till you could no longer tell the features of my face. A police car came and took me away and 15 minutes later, it came back and dumped my body outside the internet cafe. My skull was smashed, my teeth were broken and my voice was silenced forever. I laid there dead, a martyr, a symbol and a victim of the tyrants protected and guided by the emergency law. Their mission is to silence any one who opposes this oppressive regime, my mission when I was alive and even as a departed is to expose those tyrants and gather an army ready to fight for the dignity of any Khaled as you are all Khaled. I have left the darkness to dwell in the light of my God and beside him I am safe. Looking down, I pray to the maker of the heavens and the earth to alleviate this pain Egypt is enduring. I pray for an end to the torture, murder and humiliation of innocent Egyptians.I am not the first martyr this emergency law murdered or raped, nor will I be the last, unless each one of you takes the initiative to stand in the face of tyranny and say enough. It is time to expose the system; it is time to shed the light on its human rights’ violations. It is time to fight for our freedom, rights and dignity. It is time to end this bloodshed.

    And now, with my last breath a new conspiracy begins. As the ministry of Interior is now under attack, they found the only means of defence is slashing my reputation as they did to my body. Allegations are made against me calling me a junkie. In spite of all the obvious injuries my face has endured, they now choose to lie to the people again in cold blood saying I have swallowed drugs. They say the pictures of my murder were in fact a post mortem of a drug addict who swallowed drugs when caught. Their media now calls me the victim of weed…yes I am the victim of weed but the weed that grows in the hearts of the tyrants and sadists who would stop at no cost even if they finish us all. I am no drug addict, I am an Egyptian who has exposed them before my death and exposed them even more with my departure.

    If it wasn’t for the good in you, my story would have ended here, but with your voices, pressure, negative spot light on the police, investigations will now be resumed. My frail and defeated body will again be examined for signs of torture and murder. Moreover, witnesses will give a full account of what happened on the 6th of June when innocence was killed and murderers were protected and saved. I am the martyr and victim of police criminality and justice must prevail.Put an end to this. Protect your loved ones from a similar fate. Don’t think by doing nothing you would just fail would fail an oppressed 80 million Egyptians, your principles, your dreams, your children and loved ones and over all you would fail yourself.

    Let us unite our voices in one great chant...a chant of freedom, a chant of anger and a chant of hope. Join Egyptians in a peaceful protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in London, Saturday the 19th from 2pm to 4pm. Be there to condemn the brutal killing of my future and hopes. I was killed at the hands of the Egyptian Police; please don’t kill me morally by doing nothing. May God protect my Egypt from this age of darkness. Please say ENOUGH.Yours with love and pride.

    Khaled Said

    Address of Egyptian Embassy in the UK:
    23 South Street,
    London, W1K 2XD, UK
    Closest tube station: Marble Arch

    Websites and contact information (inc. address) for other Egyptian diplomatic missions are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can be found here.

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