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Mojo Lounge: Cairo's ever-shifting leisure trends move to New Cairo

  • Wednesday, 24 March 2010
  • Fouad GM
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  • Clarissa Pharr features a few of Cairo's famous and not-so-famous nightlife spots and recommended hangouts for "Cairo 360: The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital."

    One of her most recent features in the online magazine was Mojo Lounge and Grill - unlike other featured bars, restaurants and stylish lounges, Mojo is not in the neighbourhoods we traditionally identify as Cairo. This time, Clarissa's feature is on Share'e el-90, the main street running in the heart of New Cairo, the uptown and upscale suburban city built to Cairo's east.

    According to Clarissa, "Mojo Lounge and Grill is one of many restaurants springing up in the rapidly developing outskirts of our city."

    Apparently, Mojo Lounge in New Cairo is even comparable "to an old favourite, Zamalek's Sequoia lounge, minus the Nile view and blaring traffic soundtrack of course. Here, the atmosphere is undisturbed by the noise of crowded streets and the sky view, removed from the pollution of downtown, is relatively clearer-- although nearby construction sites are not so scenic."

    Like its incumbent city - New Cairo, originality is not Mojo Lounge's strongest point according to "Cairo 360", yet it can still be a crowd pleaser.

    Mojo Lounge's website is still under construction, but I look forward to seeing what they have to say about themselves, and I certainly look forward to experiencing Mojo Lounge, and other places popping up in and around New Cairo. I wonder what the crowd there is like? I also wonder how those who chose to relocate from Cairo's hustle and bustle socialise and what nighlife and the leisure industry will be like in that uptown part of Cairo. Will it be a New Cairo version of the many lounge and chillout spaces created amidst the pollution, traffic and over-crowdedness of the Cairene megalopolis?

    If anyone reading this has already been out and about on the New Cairo scene, could you share thoughts? or photos even?

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