Thursday, 18 February 2010


Algerians and Egyptians unite in the face of anti-Arab violence in Milan

  • Thursday, 18 February 2010
  • Fouad GM
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  • Weeks after their bloody clashes in Algiers, Cairo and Khartoum... Algerians and Egyptians were promised another round of violence; this time, they fought on the same side.

    Anger and frustration at police brutality and alleged police inefficiency, delay and leniency in dealing with the murder of an Egyptian immigrant in Milan by Latin American immigrants brought the two sides closer following an escalation of hatred and animosity in the aftermath of the three consecutive Egypt vs. Algeria games. The two sides united in protest against what they claimed was racism and leniency on the part of the Italian police towards Latin American immigrants vis-à-vis brutality and heavy handedness against their North African and African counterparts.

    Algerian and Egyptian immigrants in Milan seem to have found a stronger bond to unite them: their realisation that in the face of Euro-Catholic racism, raised borders and erected barriers, they are all one: outsiders, intruders...

    Click here for the source from the Egyptian weekly Al-Dostor.

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